The assignment of employees to foreign countries is one of the biggest challenges faced by multinational companies in their internationalization processes. According to MERCER* studies, one of the main reasons for failure of international assignments is the dissatisfaction of the expatriate’s partner and the difficulty of employees to adapt to a foreign country, which indicates that family interaction determines the success or failure of an expatriation.

To support international companies in the process of relocation of an expatriate and their partner, we have developed a program called Special Placement, which provides tranquility for couples by offering them several options to occupy their time in Panama.

Depending on the interests of the partner, we can offer these options as support:

  1. Job Placemen: focused on supporting the expatriates partner in the search of work.
  2. Educational Placement: Support the expatriates partner looking to continue or expand their education
  3. Social Responsibility Placement: Helping the expatriates partner to become an active member in a non social organization.
  4. Entrepenuership: advising the couple to develop their own business.

The ultimate goal is to help companies succeed in the relocation process of an employee so that the expatriate can focus on their work and professional growth, therefore achieving good performance and results for the company.

The most popular option has been Job Placement, as many young professionals are relocating to Panama as expats for various multinational companies, couples find themselves in an important stage of their professional development. They arrive highly motivated, eager to work and grow professionally.

Partners who join the Job Placement program have found great support to adapt and develop professionally in Panama.

They feel great relief once they know that we will be guiding them to understand the new culture and how easy the adaptation process can be (we provide vital information on the Panamanian economy, the labor code and salary survey to have a real salary expectation and help preparing your resume to make it more competitive).

What expats like the most about our program is the amount of direct contacts we manage as a company to distribute their resumes and get them interviews. The idea of the program is for the partner to feel accompanied and supported throughout the process of your job search.

From our experience, Job Placement has become indispensable for companies that bring outsiders as local , which means they are to remain permanently in Panama , but with less economic benefits versus an expatriate . This situation forces the couple also find economic stability and have their own income so that both can live comfortably.

Apart from helping the couple employee in the economic situation,the program of Job Placement gives them the opportunity to continue their professional development , giving the person  emotional stability . It is a benefit and a minimum investment for the company , with major impacts productivity and stability for both parties.